[001] Start of Something New

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001: Start of Something New

I purchased both squeakative.org and insomniacsims.online on Sunday, yet despite it only being three days there’s a part of me that feels guilty for not yet having the first blog post up. I could give an excuse like, I want it to be perfect as this is the first domain I’ve owned since jessicamezo.com that’s truly personal to me. The previously mentioned one for obvious reasons, while Squeakative is more inspired by something from my past…or rather something someone from my past called me. I could also revise an old Hello World post from one of my previous domains…none of which’ve been a resounding success. I suppose that it would help if I’d define what I’d consider having a successful blog/website to be, at least in my viewpoint. It’d also help if I’d set clear goals on what I want to accomplish…on my websites1, my social media accounts, my numerous unfinished writing projects, my home, and the various other things on which I’ve got the greatest control over what happens. I need to stop obsessing over things I cannot control like whether or not I receive birthday wishes from people who are basically strangers2, if the pollen count is going to be comfortable enough for me to actually leave the house3, even how or if anyone will actually read and comment on any of my blog posts. All that I, or anyone for that matter, can do is concentrate on what is in their, my direct control and have hope things turn out for the best.

Yet it may seem as if I’m discounting dreams…a part of me is realizing that certain dreams are nothing more than childish fantasies. For example, the odds of my currently having children and a 1950s-style TV family are basically nonexistant. There are many reasons for this – least of which is the fact that I’m asexual.4 I could also include my dream of becoming a lawyer, of becoming POTUS but I won’t because while a part of it died because of my own actions, it reminds me to work towards my dreams, goals even if the people around me don’t believe that I can achieve them.5 Another dream I’ve abandoned is to become a psychologist – this is because in ordered to become a licensed psychologist you have to attend therapy. It’s not that I’ve anything against therapy in practice, but I’m the type of person who knows instantly whether or not I like someone enough to spend a significant amount of time basically talking about myself. Truth be told, the vast majority of people are selfish and would prefer to talk about themselves and their own problems, than listen to what someone near them has to say.

To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.
Anatole France

In the next post, I’ll be writing about the difference between goals and dreams, as well as providing some tips to help achieve goals, yours as well as mine. I will also have hopefully managed to complete both the main menu and the footer menu, plus add the pages I’ve managed to complete.6 Anyhow, I’m off to work on some website things, do a bit of reading, and various other tasks. Have a wonderful day!

XO, Jessie

  1. I currently own three of them – Squeakative, InsomniacSims, With Thoughts.
  2. Though this could also apply to the majority of the people in my hometown.
  3. Most days it’s not, but there are a few exceptions.
  4. Not 100% if this is the correct term as I do respond to sexual stimuli biologically, but mentally and emotionally? I’m completely uninterested…even during the actual act itself.
  5. For the curious, yes I’m thinking of a single individual who’s opinion at the time mattered very much to me. Now, not so much since I’ve not seen them in years.
  6. It’s not a big accomplishment as they’re simply pages from previous domains that I’ve updated for Squeakative.